Meet Our Team | Sinor Mengali Group at Guild Mortgage
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Our Team

Meet the Team that will support you every step of the way.

Each member of our Team brings a wealth of knowledge in their respective field and pairs it with genuine care for each individual client we serve.

Lori Sinor and Cara Mengali. Co-Branch Managers and Loan officers for the Sinor Mengali Group

The Home Loan Team

Lori Sinor
Co- Branch Manager & Loan Partner

Cara Mengali
Co- Branch Manager & Loan Partner

Jacqueline Stahl
Loan Partner

The Home Loan Team is your first and primary contact throughout the home loan process. Co-Branch Managers Lori and Cara along with their Loan Partner Jacqueline, will walk you through the steps of securing your home financing and provide information on loan terms, types of loans, interest rates, costs, and all other important details – big or small – that apply to your situation. They will also monitor all aspects of your loan as it passes through to the Preapproval Team and Contract to Close team to ensure its seamless transition from preapproval to funding.

The Preapproval & Processing Team

Candace Morris
Loan Coordinator & Team Lead

The Preapproval Team is an integral part of setting you up for success with your home financing. Candace and her Team will work together with you gathering a complete Loan Application along with your applicable income and asset back up documentation. We take our home loan preapproval and initial checks and balances process very seriously to put you in a strong and well-documented position. This up-front time is very well spent as it will allow us to move quickly on your behalf later in the home loan process when timing is essential. Our preapprovals hold weight in your negotiations because our initial checks and balances are more reliable than most preapprovals from big banks or online sources.

Once your preapproval is complete. Candace– with the help of one of our amazing Processors, will prepare your loan disclosures, order your appraisal, work with title and escrow, help with your homeowners insurance, coordinate with our loan underwriting department to obtain final approval of your home loan, order your final loan documents, and help arrange your final signing.

Candace 5

The Client Care Team

Farrah Mengali
(Farrah is a dog, not an actual employee of the Sinor Mengali Group)

The Client Care Team is all about our clients and our community!
Farrah and her Team handle our client database, fundraising, events, advertising, and loving on our amazing clients! We make sure that our clients are taken care of every step of the way through their home financing – and even after their loan closes. If you happen to have questions after your loan closes, one of our Client Concierges will be happy to answer your questions so you don’t have to deal with calling any 1-800 numbers and sitting on hold. Our goal is to WOW you and have you raving to your friends and family about us!